Qualified for Eureka Status.

TCB have built a new innovative diffusion coating plant incorporating the very latest technology for the coating of their bolts, nuts and washers. The process is a Thermo-Chemical Surface Modification (TCSM) and can be used for various metals, alloys, sintered ferrous-based materials, grey iron & cast iron.

TCSM production process (Greenkote®) is totally environment friendly. Unlike conventional coatings, Greenkote® does not produce any solid, liquid or gaseous toxic wastes. The process is also free of chrome, cadmium, acids, cyanides and chlorides.

Type of coating: PM-1.
Coating composition: Zn-Al polymetallic composition.

Main coatings' properties:

Comparison of Coatings in ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test

The criterion for failure was more than 5% of the sample area covered by red corrosion. The Greenkote® sample was acceptable after 800 hours of testing.